Afternoon Energizing | Energy Boost with 10 Minute Mama

Afternoon Energizing | Energy Boost with 10 Minute Mama



10 Minute Mama is HERE! Sneaking into your house like an elephant wearing tap shoes.

Day 1 10 Minute Mama, afternoon energizing exercise

After months (a year?) of getting stuck in details, we’re giving up perfection in an attempt to create momentum and to just get this baby birthed and out into the world.

A good life lesson, eh?

Thanks for being an early adopter, thanks for your support, thanks for being here and thanks for being wonderful you.

I’m grateful for you and for all the opportunities that come with each new day.

And, I’m pleased to present our first, totally raw, unedited, uncut 10 Minute Mama video. It’s now live and free for the viewing.

Jump in and take 10 minutes for you this afternoon and bump up your energy levels, naturally! Let me know what you think – or feel free to save your feedback after the next couple dozen videos have gone live and the bugs (and small dogs) get worked out. You’ll know what I mean if you watch the video.

Feel free to share this with anyone who you think could benefit from a short, 10 minute video that works you through some energizing, strengthening movements that just about anyone can do.

See you in the video!

Much love, Katy

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