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Here we GO!!!    


10 minute mama – 4 o’clock pick me up from Katy Moses on Vimeo.


Exercise Audio

Today’s View

Today is an audio-only version of 10 Minute Mama.

You can do this inside or out and you don’t need much space.

Click below to start the recording. Enjoy and have an amazing day!



View on today’s 10 minute Meditation Walk

Today’s 10 Minute Mama is again something different. This is a 10 minute Walking Meditation. If you can get outside while listening to this, that is (always) highly recommended. But work with what you have and just do whatever you need to do to move and listen to this: walk in place, walk around your house, treadmill, up-and-down stairs, etc – whatever works for you!

Click below for audio.


This is a great one to use if you need a boost of energy in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. You’ll need something low to step up on – either a step stool, stairs or something like that, wide and stable. Enjoy your shot of natural caffeine! 🙂


You might wish for a 10 minute nap, but today we’ve got something even better…

Core work, stretches, and the always-a-favorite spine warm ups. See you in the video!


Today’s 10 Minute Mama incorporates flow yoga, core and body strengthening, flexibility and breath work. This can be done in a very small area. Today’s includes some floor work.


Today’s 10 Minute Mama takes you through a full range of movements, retro style. Remember burpees from your junior high gym class? They’re still a good idea, but when you take them more slowly, they’re less ridiculous. Strengthen your core, improve your balance, circulation, flexibility and more. Shot in beautiful Evergreen,  Colorado.


Join us for a walk! Today’s 10 Minute Mama takes us on a meditation to increase your mindfulness, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Get outside and enjoy (at least) 10 minutes of nature as you listen.


Today’s 10 Minute Mama includes flow movements that will work your whole bod, improve your balance and core and hip strength.

DAY 10

We’re pretending we have a small area to work with and we’re still making a full body workout happen. Reduce stress with deep belly breathing, increase hip and core strength. Challenge yourself with some full body strength moves.

Day 11

Today we’re going for a walk outside. Get ready for some fun (totally not-crazy) intervals for strength and cardio. This one is audio-only. You can download and save to your phone/iPod and take it outside with you.

DAY 12

Happy Pill! You know you’ve always wanted to be able to take a happy pill. Well, now you can. Drink a big glass of water with today’s 10 Minute Mama. And SMILE!  xo

DAY 13

Remove stress, relax from head to toe. Join us for this audio!

Day 14

Release & Relax Audio

It’s time, let’s tuck you in and get you ready for a great night’s sleep.

DAY 15

Wake up with this morning flow series. Get warmed up, get strong & bendy & energized.

DAY 16

Balance! It’s good for your body and it’s good for your brain. We’re going to work it in today’s 10 Minute Mama. JUMP on in!