10MinuteMama Vision

1. 10 Minute Mama creates unique, mindful-movement, body-strengthening, breathwork and meditation videos and learning content for women in easy, fun 10 minute segments to accommodate mom’s busy life and need for physical strength, mental clarity, cardio health & spiritual centering.

2. To accomplish this goal, we will never give you dry content, content that isn’t produced with thoughtfulness and intention.

3. 10 Minute Mama will be:

Fun to watch

Easy to fit into your busy day

Will awaken those neglected muscles*

Teach you how to use your breath to reduce stress*

Bring a calm, centering to your day*

Give you increasing strength*

Increase your stamina*

Help you find mental clarity*

Bring you to a place of spiritual centering*

All in just 10 minutes a day.

Because this is a gift you can easily give to yourself.

We will hold this space for you and will treat it with respect by being fully present and engaged and will continually grow and evolve as we continue on together.

*To reap these benefits, you must show up and do the works. Daily, consistently. There’s no cheating your health!